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FREE Initial Websites

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1 Website

1 Website

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Own Private NameServers


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Initial Disk Allocation

20GB (20,000MB)

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300GB (300,000MB)

500GB (500,000MB)

Manage Own Customers

Free App Auto-Installer

MySQL Databases




Customer Data Backups







Virus & Spam Protection

Customer Control Panels

24/7/365 Support

$10.00/MONTH Regularly $14.99
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$15.00/MONTH Regularly $19.99
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$20.00/MONTH Regularly $29.99
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During the order process, you may add additional disk space and bandwidth to increase your site capacity. The price will be adjusted accordingly. Our Reseller Hosting plans are typically for business-oriented customers who have the technical know-how that enables them to not only host their own customers, but also assist and support them. We provide the tools, you build your business. Read our Reseller Agreement.

Additional Reseller Hosting Features

Choice of
Webmail Apps
State of the Art
& Fast Servers
install apps
99% Uptime
control panel
Mailing Lists
Disk Usage
SSL Certificates
Control Panel

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Reseller Hosting FAQ

As a “Reseller,” do I need to know what I am doing?

Yes. Our cost-effective, yet extremely reliable Reseller Hosting plans are typically tailored for those amongst our clients who are technically savvy enough to independently manage and meet their own customers’ needs using our state-of-the-art servers and Reseller Control Panel. Thus, Our Resellers technically “host” their own customers in their allocated space and provide then with direct support. All we do is ensure that the servers hosting their customers are up and running at all times. Reseller Hosting customers are therefore expected to know what to do to manage and support their own customers. Read our Reseller Agreement.

What are the benefits of joining our Reseller Program?

Reselling our great Web-hosting services is a good way to start up your Internet venture. We provide all the tools you need to succeed and you take care of your own customers. Your way. Plus: you get the ability to build and advertize your own plans. You can even hide our presence by using your own NameServers. Join us today to begin to enjoy the great benefits we are extending to you, the Reseller, as one of our Premier partners.

What tools do I need to order your services as a Reseller?

Once you have created and paid for your own Reseller Account and been approved, all you need to do is log into your billing account and order any of our services that you wish to resell. From your billing account, you can order domain names as well as Web-hosting packages that you can then reconfigure for your own customers suing your Reseller Control Panel.

Can I grow my Reseller business beyond the initial disk and bandwidth allocations?

Yes, you can. You may add additional disk space and bandwidth to increase your site capacity during your initial order process or later based on your needs. The price will be adjusted accordingly. Our Reseller Hosting plans are typically for business-oriented customers who have the technical know-how that enables them to not only host their own customers, but also assist and support them. We provide the tools, you build your business.

What kind of Reseller plan do I need?

It all depends on the type of ambition your have for your business. In other words, the sky is your limit. In a world in which the Internet has become the inescapable window into the hearts and minds of the public as well as the premier marketing, contact, and communication tool, our very generous and affordable Reseller Hosting plans are configured in a way that allow you to begin with what you can afford and then gradually expand your business without having to break the bank..

How does your “Reseller Program” work?

Resellers are premier partners who resell our Web-hosting services via our Colossal Reseller Hosting Program. Basically, Resellers purchase our services at our very low rates and resell those services for any amount they want. For instance, a Reseller may purchase our $5/month ColossalOne plan and resell it for $15/month. Resellers have total control over the prices at which they resell our services. Resellers get a special Reseller Control Panel that allows them full control over the Web accounts of their customers. In addition to the various Reseller Hosting features described on this page, all accounts created under our Reseller Agreement have the same capacities and features as our regular Shared Hosting accounts. Resellers are, however, free to reorganize and tailor these features to the needs of their own customers when creating and configuring their packages in their Reseller Control Panel. Initial free disk space, bandwidth, and site capacity are meant to give Resellers some room to breathe as they begin to expand their reselling business. Resellers can redistribute this initial free allocation amongst their existing or prospective customers. We expect Resellers to bring in some value-added contribution in terms of new customers. If you are planning to host only one or two personal sites of your own, then you are better off simply ordering one or two of our Shared Hosting offerings separately. Resellers must be able to move quickly from their initial free site allocation to adding customers and getting their reselling business to thrive. Reseller Accounts are reviewed periodically to ensure that our Resellers are hosting more than just their own personal site. All Resellers must abide by the rules set forth in our Reseller Agreement. Resellers and their customers are also required to adhere to ethical business practices and conform to the rules of our Terms of Service (TOS), Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), Privacy Policy, and Hosting Agreements.

What does “Unlimited” as advertised above on this page mean?

Such formulas as “unlimited email accounts” or  “Unlimited databases” mean that you are not limited as to the number of email accounts or MySQL databases you can create, up to your allocated disk space capacity. In other words, you are limited only by how many email accounts you can fit within your allocated disk space.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

We typically do not offer refunds for services rendered or delivered. However, we may refund your money only in those rare instances when we were unable to deliver the services which you paid for or in the rare cases when we were unable to do so in a timely manner. We feel confident that once we have taken your money, we should be able to deliver the services you ordered from us and turn you into a happy customer. More details about our refund policy can be found in in our Terms of Service (TOS) and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

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